In short, I hacked Tinder

David Leuliette
2 min readJan 17, 2018


In short, I’m coming back from work.
My flatmate says:

Did you see? Tinder just published a web version…

I opened my web browser,
opened the JavaScript console,
Select all buttons aria-label=”Like”
And I clicked

Holy sh$t dude, it’s easy to scrap tinder, automate the swipes is easier than hacking LinkedIn

How can you do that?

Simple, you target all the like buttons, you add a downtime of 300ms between each clic and…

I felt that he didn’t understand anything, and because I don’t have time to explain it, I wrote a script just for him.

It took me 30 minutes to automate 1 second.

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Hey, done!
I wrote you a script, you just need to
right clic / inspect,
go on the console tab,
and paste this script.

I had 20 matches in a few moments.
I had too many people and didn’t know how to make a good icebreaker, I thought a momment.





Ola Catarina! De donde son?

I searched for an old note on my phone:

My flatmate said:

You are wrong it’s too impersonal, you need to find something else…

I spent 3 hours by watching all the Natural Language Processing techniques available to optimise my icebreaker and automate my “sales pipeline” to get a date.

It was 2 am.

I had 20 matches on my waiting list.

And still no icebreaker sentence…

In short, I hacked Tinder.

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